MVAS was organized in 1989, opened as temporary facility in 1992 and moved to our permanent location in 1994.

During 2000 we raised money for an expansion of our shelter, which was completed in 2001. A further expansion was added in 2010 without incurring any debt.

In 2017 MVAS embarked upon yet another expansion, which is due to be completed by the end of 2021.  This expansion aims to add puppy and small dog kennels, a new meet-and-greet room, a new intake room, a new quarantine area, a new real-life room, a new office and eight additional fenced-in outdoor runs.  The funding for these additions comes from a 2017 fundraiser event, additional grant monies and in-kind donations from community businesses.


Upon completion of the expansion, the facility will have 15 inside dog kennels (including one large puppy kennel and three isolation kennels), 2 quarantine kennels, 19 outdoor dog runs, 4 outdoor isolation kennels and 2 separated fenced yards for dogs. The facility includes a nearly half acre yard surrounded by 450 feet of 8 foot tall fencing to ensure security and provide room for animals to exercise and run.

The shelter offers a large adult cat room and a separate smaller kitten room where cats and kittens can freely roam and socialize. Additionally, there is a cat isolation room with cages where new or ailing cats and kittens are observed prior to joining the general population.


MVAS is located in the Mission Valley of Western Montana and is the only animal sheltering facility between Missoula and Kalispell. Sitting between Polson and Pablo, MVAS serves animals from throughout Lake County, much of which overlaps the Flathead Indian Reservation. Lake County is one of the few Montana counties with no animal control ordinance. This, combined with the higher prevalence of stray and unsterilized animals on reservation lands, poses a unique challenge in our area. The single tribal officer with some jurisdiction over domestic animals is severely restricted in both authority, time and funding, so most stray animals end up at MVAS.

Please feel free to stop by our facility at any time and visit the dogs and cats who are eagerly anticipating your arrival!  Learn how much joy a pet can bring into your life!



Our statistics for the past two calendar years can be found here:

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