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The Mission Valley Animal Shelter is available to help if you need to re-home your pet.

Before you make the decision to do this, we ask you to consider that the best possible option for your pet (in most cases) is to stay in your home with your family.  It is very stressful for an animal as well as its human family to separate.  Animals are part of our family, and they certainly sense that emotionally.

If you need assistance to help you keep your animal (behavioral modification support, advice on training, financial assistance, pet food or other supplies or anything else), we urge you to call us.  We might be able to help.  If we cannot help, we might be able to refer you to other helpful resources or support.  If all of our options are exhausted, we will work with you to schedule a surrender.

Surrenders will generally only be accepted on an appointment-basis.  You need to call us ahead of time and tell us about the animal and your circumstances.  We will set up a time for a check-in.  Occasionally we will be full, in which case you may be placed on our wait list until we can call you when a kennel space becomes available.

When you bring your dog or cat to MVAS for surrender, we ask that you bring vet records and anything else that you feel may ease your pets's transition.

There is no surrender fee at MVAS, but we do encourage voluntary donations, because the care we provide to each animal is not cost-free.

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