Our shelter staff and resources are often overwhelmed by puppies and kittens.

We are the ones who suffer the consequences when owners neglect to spay or neuter their pets.

We live in an area where there are more animals being born than there are homes to accommodate them.


There are medical, behavioral and economic benefits to spaying and neutering your animals.

Sterilized animals are less likely to stray, fight or mark their territory.  They are often more mellow and trainable.


Our Einstein and Osborne certificate program has been helping Lake County residents spay and neuter their pets at highly discounted rates for years.

The number of certificates sold annually has consistently risen:

2016 - 594

2017 - 820
2018 (First Quarter) - 261


YOU can help ensure that this trend continues by spreading the word to everyone you know.  You can also help by posting our flyer in your business.  Please contact us if you need a flyer or pick one up at the shelter.


EINSTEIN:          Cat Spay - $35.00          Cat Neuter - $30.00


OSBORNE:        Dog Spay - $50.00         Dog Neuter - $45.00


Only Lake County residents qualify for the program

Certificates must be purchased in person at the shelter, or depending on the vet you use they can be purchased over the phone and emailed to your vet.

We confirm an appointment for you at the time of purchase

Certificate is redeemable for the total cost of a standard spay/neuter surgery.  If there are additional medical needs identified or if the surgery cost proves to be higher due to an animal being pregnant (terminative spay), in heat or for some other reason, the pet owner will be responsible for covering the balance of the vet bill.

Certificates do not cover vaccines or associated costs.

Animals have to be delivered to the vet clinic between 8am and 8:30am on the scheduled surgery date.

Your certificate must be presented at the time of drop-off. That means no same day certificates can be sold.

Local clinics participating in our program include:

Southshore Veterinary Service, Polson- (406)883-5229

VetCare  Montana, Polson- (406)883-3456

Polson Animal Clinic, Polson- (406)883-5623

Mission Valley Vet, Ronan- (406)676-4251

St. Ignatius Vet, St. Ignatius- (406)745-2473

Veterinary Services, Ronan- (406)676-0090

The Mission Valley Animal Shelter receives varying degrees of surgery cost discounts from the clinics listed above.  MVAS covers the balance of the cost.  In 2017 we spent $55,102 for the spay/neuter certificate program from our budget.  This cost continues to grow each year.  It is our service to the community.


Every animal adopted through MVAS is sterilized prior to adoption.  Puppy surgeries are given starting at two months of age.  Feline surgeries occur when kittens reach the minimum “2 months – 2 pounds” threshold.  Modern technology and expertise has made sterilization increasingly safe.

This pro-active approach will hopefully make a difference over time and decrease the number of litters being born in our area.  

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