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The Mission Valley Animal Shelter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that receives no government funding. Our budget is highly dependent upon the loving and generous support we receive from our amazing community. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

There are many ways of supporting the Mission Valley Animal Shelter financially. 


Members are the lifeblood of our work. Without ongoing support from a broad membership, we would not be able to serve the animals and people of our community. In return, members gain the ownership, fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from knowing that they are a part of a lifesaving and much-needed mission.

We offer both individual ($25.00) and family/business ($55.00) memberships. MVAS members receive our triannual newsletter, and the eternal gratitude of our organization and animals.



How would you like to be a part of the Mission Valley Animal Shelter's future long after you are gone? Your bequest can do this! The future of MVAS depends on building a strong foundation now.

The bequests we have received through the years have gone far in helping us continue our efforts to end animal abuse. Adoption, spay/neuter, and educational programs have been expanded through the generosity of caring individuals. Planned giving is a way to help ensure the continued work of MVAS. What better way to say "Thank You" to those animals that have touched our lives in the past!


Preparing a will is sometimes an emotional and thought-provoking endeavor. Whether you have accumulated vast assets or have only a few possessions, a will prevents legal complications and delays. It directs your personal representative to deal with your estate as you wish.


Another important aspect of a will is that it allows you to provide for the animals you care about after your death. Whether this means your own companion animals or those at MVAS, your will can continue a legacy of kindness.

If you decide to support MVAS through your will, you can give a particular amount of money or an asset such as stock or property. One might give all or a portion of the remainder of an estate after expenses and gifts to your loved ones have been paid out. The interest in real estate or a trust designated initially for the lifetime benefit of a loved one could be specified for a gift. Sometimes individuals prefer making a contingent gift that takes effect only under certain circumstances (e.g., "If my spouse does not survive me,"). Ask your attorney for further information.

What if you already have a will? Often you can add a bequest to MVAS to your existing will simply by consulting your attorney about an amendment known as a "codicil".


You can designate MVAS as a beneficiary of life insurance, IRA or retirement plan. MVAS can also be designated as a beneficiary of a savings or investment account.



If you would like to create an estate plan that allows some privacy and has additional features, a living trust may be something you wish to discuss with your attorney. A gift to MVAS from such a trust can be arranged upon your death, just as with a will.

When setting up your gift with your attorney please use the following designation: Humane Society - Lake County Area, Inc. at P.O. Box 1644 Polson, MT 59860. We are a tax exempt charitable organization 501(c)(3). Our Federal Tax Identification number is 81-0463465.



Donations can be at any level – as much as you can afford. Donations at or above $50 automatically include an individual membership.


At a $100 level, donors can opt to receive a thank-you plaque that will adorn one of our animal housing units.  This shows our visitors how much the community values the service that we provide.


In some cases animals who have been with us for a long time and, for one reason or another, will be harder to place, can benefit from having their adoption fee sponsored by a caring supporter. Please ask us about our special-needs animals who may benefit from your help and love.


The Mission Valley Animal Shelter has many long-time supporters who have helped us over the years, and those who have passed have on occasion helped us even long after through loving memorials arranged by their families.

Sometimes this is because they had adopted a special animal from our shelter in years past or sometimes simply because they loved animals very much.


Memorial donations can also be made in memory of a dearly beloved animal.  If you are considering making a memorial donation, you can submit this form along with your support. Announcements requesting memorial donations to MVAS can be made through local churches, social service organizations and our local media.



We accept in-kind donations both at the animal shelter and at our thrift store in Polson (find more information about Seconds 2 Go here). 


In-kind donations to our shelter are tax deductible much like monetary donations. We have many needs at the shelter, and donated items are very appreciated. Items that we can use or supplies that will be safe and appreciated by our animals are used on site. We have provided a list of commonly-used shelter supplies below.  Supplies that we cannot use still benefit animals in need through our low-income pet food bank (which is not limited to pet food). We will never discard donations that can be used and appreciated.

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