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In Lake County, the Mission Valley Animal Shelter is the best place to call if you are missing your animal or you have found one.

We maintain a database of lost and found cats and dogs, and we are always excited to facilitate reunions.

When a lost dog enters our shelter as a stray, the first thing we do is scan the animal for a microchip.  If there is no chip found, our next step is to immediately post the found animal report on our website and on our Facebook page along with several facebook sites: Montana Pets, Polson Facebook Yardsale, Finding Bella Dog and Fetching Ted.

We have a mandatory 3 business day stray-hold period, during which time owners can reclaim their dog or cat.  At the end of the third day, the dog or cat becomes our property and is placed up for adoption.

There is a stray reclaim fee to be paid upon retrieving your animal:

$100 if the animal was here longer than 24 hours at which point we vaccinate for the animals protection.

These reclaim fees help us continue to provide services to the community and also reinforce the importance of keeping animals confined for their safety and the safety of the community at large.


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